The “Taharah” Brand Product Manufacturers

TAHARAH GLOBAL (M) SDN BHD has taken an innovative approach in producing clay and seaweed based consumer products. Their main products are made up of bath soaps, beauty soaps and a variety of personal care and cosmetic products. Through R&D, the product is found to have qualities that are beneficial for all Malaysians.

The production of these clay soaps made out of specially chosen clay are found to be the first of its kind in Malaysia and the world to be used for beauty and skin care purposes.

On the other hand, the company’s seaweed-based products are the first in Malaysia that has taken an innovative approach in producing health and beauty products using seaweed and its extracts. The seaweed and its extract used are products from Semporna, Sabah in conjunction with LKIM (Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia).

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