Manufacturers, Consultants and Advisors

The company is a manufacturer, consultant and advisor through brand development of personal care and cosmetic products for businesses.

Through its subsidiary, Naturecosmo Laboratory, Taharah Global (M) Sdn Bhd has expanded by offering consulting services for producing high quality beauty and personal care product formulas. Through its advanced skill set in the formulation industry backed with an extensive Research & Development team with GMP qualified laboratory equipments, the company is able to produce a variety of world-renowned formulas. These formulas are available to any businesses or companies interested in starting a personal care brand at a minimal cost.

Manufacturer of Seaweed-Based Food Products

The company is a manufacturer of food products based on seaweed such as “Raw Seaweed” and “Candy Seaweed” – Taharah Food Industries & Supply.

The company also is a main supplier of unprocessed dried seaweed to LKIM (Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia) entrepreneurs like Fitrah Food Industries and Izan Trading. The dried seaweed procured by related companies is then used to produce food and drinks products like drinks, juices, salads and jams.

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