The company serves as a provider / organizer of programs to enhance science, economics and human development knowledge through workshops, seminars and courses.

The company also provides workshops, seminars, courses and lectures expertise to enhance the knowledge of the consumer and entrepreneur target market that are interested in the beauty and personal care industry. The program doesn’t just provide useful knowledge but also cultivates smart users in managing their resources, whereby users are more aware of the content and processing methods of the beauty and personal care products.

Through the program, the company in cooperation with government bodies like LKIM, cooperatives in all of Malaysia can successfully cultivate knowledgeable and innovative entrepreneurs.

Amongst the modules are:

  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Manufacturing Workshops
  • Halal Ingredients for Cosmetics Seminar
  • Cosmetics and Islam
  • Selection of Secure Personal Care and Cosmetics Products
  • Direction of Entrepreneurs in Cosmetics and Spa
  • Spa, Manicure & Pedicure Treatment
  • Direction of Entrepreneurs in Spa & Beauty Seminar
  • Entrepreneurship Courses

Objective of the program:

  • To provide exposure on the history of cosmetics use and trends of cosmetic product development in modern science
  • To enhance understanding on the importance of using halal and pure products
  • To improve theory while giving emphasis on the important aspects of personal care

 Direction of Students

  • To become entrepreneurs in the beauty and spa industry
  • Manage careers as beauty therapist or managers of salons and spas
  • To become beauty consultants at beauty and spa centres
  • To become students of top institutes worldwide
  • To become a beauty trainer
  • To gain opportunities for promotions and increase income


Programs offered by TAHARAH

Long term courses (5-6 Months)

  • Beautician Level 1
  • Aesthitician Level 2

Short term courses

  • Facial Treatment
  • Personalized make up course
  • Bridal make up course
  • Pedicure and manicure
  • Anatomy & physiology (body self massage) course
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Postnatal massage
  • Spa shower (sauna, scrub, stairs)
  • Basic hair grooming course
  • Grooming course
  • Basic make up manufacturing course
  • Reflexology course

Other courses offered (short term)

  • Marketing / managing course
  • Entrepreneurship course
  • Motivational course
  • Telephone repair course
  • Bead art design and arrangement course
  • English course

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